2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R Engine Overview – UTVUnderground.com

The all-new YXZ1000R is the world’s best handling, most exciting and most durable pure sport Side-by-Side designed for high-performance driving and nonstop aggressive action. The YXZ1000R features class-leading comfort, confidence and durability that can only come from Yamaha. At its heart is a newly designed 3-cylinder engine, a first in a pure sport Side-by-Side.

The YXZ1000R is the world’s first pure sport Side-by-Side to feature a 3-cylinder engine, which is strategically mounted low and longitudinally in the middle of the vehicle to provide a low CG feeling. The compact 998cc, 12-valve, DOHC, liquid-cooled engine features lightweight connecting rods for quick acceleration up to its indicated 10,500 rpm redline. High-performance cams help the engine produce broad, linear torque, while triple throttle bodies ensure quick and efficient throttle response. An aluminum body and head construction keeps overall engine weight down.

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