3x Facts About Down VS Synthetic Sleeping Bags YOU DON’T KNOW

The suprising truth about down vs synthetic sleeping bags is that there is a real cost difference when you are considering whether to buy a down or synthetic sleeping bag. The age old debate of down vs synthetic sleeping bags has been going on since the begining of ages. In this video I will discuss 3x unknown facts about down vs synthetic sleeping bags that might help you decide if a down sleeping bag is worth the extra cost for your camping trip.

Down sleeping bag fill is more expensive than synthetic sleeping bag fill, primarily because down is a lighter and more expensive fill that uses either goose or duck feathers. Synthetic sleeping bag fill on the other hand is more cost effective because it is produced commercially in a factory out of man-made fibers. These man-made fibers are significantly heavier than down, but much cheaper produce. For this reason, when weight isn’t a concern synthetic sleeping bags beat down sleeping bags in the cost department and are the first choice for most people for camping and family camping trips. When weight is the major consideration, such as when backpacking, canoeing or heading offgrid into the backcountry, down sleeping bags win because they are lighter and can be compacted down into a smaller size when packed. This video outlines the basic differences between the two sleeping bag fill types and provides a generalized introduction to the down vs synthetic sleeping bag debate.

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