4 Tips for Paddle Tail Swimbait Fishing Summer Bass

Locating bass in the summer months is often as simple as finding hard bottom offshore spots like rock piles, river channel ledges, or rock and gravel points extending into the main lake. Wired2Fish contributor Dan Quinn explains his strategy for finding prime spots using his graphs and how to methodically fish these areas using a simple but deadly mid-sized paddle tail swimbait and jig head combo.

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*additional gear at the bottom

Locate the rocky crowns of offshore structure. With their preferred forage (bluegill and shad) often relating to deeper hard bottom areas, bass setup on rocky structures that provide a mix of habitat and easy access to deeper water. Quinn explains how to find and mark these areas using side imaging and waypoints, then make targeted casts to the best spots up on the bow.
How to fish the swimbait. Whereas crankbaits, Carolina rigs, Neko rigs and other bottom presentations have a tendency to get gunked up with algae, swimbaits allows for easy running depth adjustment by altering rod angle, retrieve speed, or jig size – you can slow roll the swimbait near the bottom without fowling, while efficiently cover water.
Methodically fan cast the structure. Using pre-marked waypoints as reference and Spot-Lock to keep him digitally anchored, Quinn explains how to thoroughly fish a structure without moving the boat.
Preferred rod setup and how to set the hook. Quinn discusses why he prefers a straight fluorocarbon line and a medium action rod for mid-sized paddle tail swimbait applications. Lastly, he walks through a typical hook set that’ll help you achieve an excellent hookup ratio.

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