A Passion For Angling – Episode 1 – Autumn Glory

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In the much-acclaimed series of six films, famous anglers Chris Yates and Bob James take us on a grand fishing adventure across Britain:

The ethics of angling and the angler are explored in possibly the most iconic episode of ‘Passion For Angling’ of all.

Bob James and Chris Yates are joined by Bernard Venables, author and illustrator of ‘Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing’ and the father of the Angling Times, in a hunt initially for specimen perch.

And just as in the cartoon strip and book that inspired a generation of anglers, Bernard, then in his 80s but still fishing every week, catches a cracking Hampshire Avon fish first cast.
Looking for something bigger, the trio head off to a nearby trout reservoir, where Bernard hooks into a fine two-pounder on traditional tackle and floatfished worm.

However, this episode is made famous by the roach fishing of the Hampshire Avon, and in particular an incredible session in which Bob James lands TEN specimens over the magical 2lb mark. Every fish taken on legered bread, it’s a once in many a lifetime catch that has entered angling folklore, topped by a 2lb 14oz beauty.

Even that’s not enough, as with the help of the river keeper the boys target another fish synonymous with Autumn river fishing: the barbel. And once again it’s Bob in on the action with a huge fish and a personal best.