A Passion For Angling – Episode 2 – Redmire Legends

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“You begin to think that there must be some powerful magic going on under the surface.”The story of Redmire Pool, the long time home of the British carp record.Stocked in 1934, Redmire may not be big, and may not even be all that beautiful. But the Gloucestershire water has produced no less than three record carp, one of them a 51lb 8oz fish to Chris Yates himself in 1980, securing him a place in angling history forever.Chris and Bob James begin their quest up a tree, observing ‘amorous’ carp tearing up the weed and scaring the baby moorhens.It’s Bob’s first visit to Redmire, and he’s happy to enlist the help of modern tactics; bite alarms, boilies, hair rigs and stringers are at the ready.Chris, on the other hand, seems to be losing the plot somewhat, as he’s employing the services of a home-made ‘fishing scarecrow’ to help him out-wit those Redmire Legends.

Yet despite all Bob’s cutting edge bait and tackle, it’s Chris who is into the first Redmire common carp, on the same rod that beat his record fish. And it’s a good one…