Bass Fishing Boat Docks: 5 Tips That Improve Success

Fishing boat docks is one of the most consistent patterns for bass anywhere, but like any good spot, having a solid location and presentation game plan improves success. In this video, Jimmy Mason heads out on Lake Guntersville and shares his method to patterning dock bass by making accurate casts/skips to choice spots with Texas-rigged creature baits.

-YUM Christie Critter:
-Mustad Denny Brauer Grip-Pin Flippin’ Hook, 3/0:
-Mustad Tungsten TitanX Flippin Weight, 5/16:
-Lew’s Custom Speed Stick “Mag Grass” Casting Rod, 7’2″ Heavy:
-Lew’s Tournament Pro LFS Casting Reel:
-Vicious Fluorocarbon Line – Clear, 20lb Test:
-Power-Pole Blade:

Mason’s strategy lays out as follows:
1) Establish a pattern—fish the entire dock first to determine where bass are positioned. Make a location note when you catch a few, then focus on these high-percentage spots on other docks (run a pattern).

2) Skip vertical baits—start out by skipping baits deep underneath the docks to give the bass more opportunity to encounter the bait. Texas-rigged creature baits are Mason’s confidence bait — they skip well and get bit.

3) Change baits based on how bass strike— if you get bit reeling the bait in, this may indicate bass are keying in on moving baits, so try a ChatterBait, swimming jig, crankbait or the like.

4) Focus on making accurate casts—Mason stresses the importance of making quality casts over quantity. Get your boat in the ideal position, drop the shallow water anchors if necessary, and make the best casts possible.

5) Use a shorter rod. It’ll help you maneuver in tight spaces. Pair the rod with a high-speed reel for clearing the bass from the cover as quickly as possible.

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