Bass Fishing Questions Answered! Vol. 7 | Bass Fishing

Viewer submitted questions about bass fishing are answered right here! The seventh in a series. Send us your bass fishing questions and we’ll answer them.

1:04 Why are so many big bass caught on slow-moving lures?
2:37 What’s the difference in jig head designs? What makes one better than the other?
6:54 How long is the average lifespan of bass? How long do they live?
8:34 I noticed a lot of people stand when they’re fishing, but I also see other people that are sitting, or leaning against pedestal seats. What’s the best way?
11:35 Are there certain times or conditions that make some riprap areas more productive? And where should I begin fishing on long stretch of riprap?
14:29 You got any suggestions on how to fish a lake that’s muddy throughout the entire fishing season?

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