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Time is precious, and fishing time is even more so. It therefore makes sense to do whatever you can to avoid wasting it. To help you achieve this Bob is going to show you how to tie the perfect pole rig at home.
There are two reasons for doing this. For a start you will tie a better
rig when you’re sat comfortably indoors than you will on the bank,
especially when the wind’s blowing and it’s raining.
Second, if you tie a rig at home with a body of water to hand – use a tall pasta jar or glass vase – you can create a rig that is perfectly shotted the second you drop it in your swim on the bank.
If you’re not wasting time setting up your pole rig by the water you’ll
have more time to catch fish. Here’s Bob’s guide to how he makes
up a rig at home proving it’s easier to be a precision-made pole angler than you might think…