Budget Friendly Rain Jacket – GYMAX Rain Jacket – Real Review

Hey there Wolf Pack, today Luke is reviewing the Budget Friendly GYMAX Rain Jacket.

Pros, Cons, and real world experiences are coming up in this Real Review!

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GYMAX Rain Jacket Review

Agenda Free Link : https://www.amazon.com/GYMAX-Seam-Sealed-Lightweight-Waterproof-Raincoat/dp/B07XCNKQVM

Price : $43

Weight : 15.8oz medium

Colors : Black, Grey, Navy

Sizes : Medium – 3x- Large

Versions : Men and Womens

Review Pros :

The company claims 8000mm hydrostatic rating; I’ve been testing this jacket since January in the snow and rain and I have no reason to doubt this rating. It has kept me dry on all of my adventures and the only time that I have gotten wet is with sweat which I will talk about here in a moment.

* Overall good quality with the exception of some threading on the hood.

* High quality materials including YYK zippers.

* Feels premium with the soft touch fabric

* Offers good protection from the weather including rain, snow and wind.

* Zippers run smoothly.

* 3 internal pockets which are a nice feature; this isn’t common on many rain jackets

* minimal tags

* Good value for the money

* Adjustable cuffs and waist.

* Reasonable pack size – rolls up to about the size of a nalgene bottle.

Review Cons :

I have two issues with this jacket; breathability and sizing;

Breathability first : Not the best in terms of breathablity but for the price it is acceptable in my opinion. If you want the breathability performance of a $500 shell you have to buy a $500 shell but for the $45 price, it’s what I would expect.

Unfortunately the jacket doesn’t have pitzips which does heat build up and breathability more an issue

Runs small – I have the medium here and I would absolutely recommend sizing up if you are considering this jacket. It is tight around my arms and the arm length is a bit short. If you size up for the additional arm sizing you might find that the overall chest size is too big. With the medium, I have plenty of space in the chest of an additional layer like a down jacket but it would be too tight in the arms.

No hanging loop

Limited hood adjustments – also I can’t figure out how to lock the size pulls even though there seems to be some sort of pull lock inside of the fabric

Confused : Before I end this video, I wanted to talk about something that I stumbled upon when getting my details ready for the review. Walmart carries this jacket but the price is off the charts expensive; $176 – on sale for $100.

Summary : Based on my experiences with this jacket, I’ve found it to be a good quality for the money shell but the issues of breathability and size need to be considered carefully before your purchase. If you are going out for a bunch of hard work or a long hard hike, you may want to consider a more expensive shell which offers offers better performance.

Then there is sizing; I find the sizing to be slightly off; tight and short in the arms but adequate in the chest which presents a problem; if I go up in a size, I will have more space for my arms but too much space in the chest area.

Also, Susan has the women’s version of this jacket and feels the same as I do. Overall good quality for the money but awkward sizing.

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