Catch More Bass Around Isolated Cover with Stick Baits

Have you ever struggled to find bass scattered across large flats? It’s a common challenge and one best solved by focusing efforts on any available cover. Wired2Fish recently shared the boat with Florida native and Lake Okeechobee hammer Jesse Mizell for a tutorial on how to find shallow prespawn bass and how to catch them using a Texas-rigged soft plastic stickbait.

-13 Fishing Joy Stick:
-VMC Heavy Duty Wide Gap Hook, 4/0:
-VMC Worm Weight, 1/8-ounce:
-13 Fishing Muse Black Casting Rod, 7’5″ Med Hvy:
-13 Fishing Concept “A” Casting Reel, 8.1:1:
-VMC Sinker Stop:
-Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon 20lb:

Rather than searching out the most expansive grass flats in the lake, Jesse targets isolated clumps of grass in areas of lower overall grass density. It’s a smart strategy in weedy lakes and a classic case of bass relating to available, cover so it’s high-percentage flipping and pitching.

We were intrigued when Mizell reached for a cool stick bait rigged on an EWG hook and light worm weight over a beefy tungsten flipping weight/hook combo. He details his full tackle setup from the rod, reel, and line down to the tackle, proving that lighter is sometimes better in the land of giant Florida bass.

-Mercury 250hp Pro XS FourStroke:
-Power-Pole Blade Shallow Water Anchor:
-Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor:
-T-H Marine G-Force Troll Jacket:
-Big “O” Bass Boat:

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