Chironomid Fly Fishing Made Easy with Deeper Chirp+

It has been a long COVID-19 season of Social Distancing and Isolation. So when Rodney Hsu from “Fishing with Rod” invited me to drive up to the Interior of BC this spring and join him on the water for some stillwater Fly Fishing I was super excited! To tell you the truth I’m a beginner in the realm of fly fishing, but always love trying new things. I have never fished much on the interior stillwaters in the open water season, so I didn’t know what to expect. It was a stunningly beautiful spring day and when I pulled up to the lake Rod and his buddy could be seen on the water pulling in fish. So I loaded up the canoe and headed over to them to join in on the action. Before the camera was even on I tossed a jig and hooked three small ones. Then the action slowed and the fish went straight to a chironomid diet. Once I had some chironomids in the right depth range with the help of the Deeper Chirp+ I started getting a bunch of slight bobber downs. Most I was too slow to even set the hook. I got the hang of it thought and started catching a few. With the Deeper Chirp+ I could cast it out and see what depth line to place my floats for the highest traffic. Then I would watch to see where the majority of the fish were swimming on the sounder and place my fly at that depth. It worked perfectly, some say it is cheating. I say it beats a skunk. There much have been 10 boats on the lake and most of the guys were having a very slow day besides the three of us. Shows that it pays to go with someone who knows what they are doing and make sure you have sonar to help you locate the fish.

Anyways I put some of the Deeper screen video from my phone on the video sped up so you can see how nice the images are for this little unit. I am really impressed with the battery life and image quality on this one. I will have to make another video at some point with better video now that I know it actually records the details from the day.

Hope you enjoy the video out fishing with me. Nothing crazy, no how to… still trying to figure this out myself.

Go over and Check out “Fishing with Rod’s” Channel if you want to see him catching bigger fish than me, haha. Here is the link.

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Best of luck and God Bless your Adventure!