Danger Thin Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout with Jigging Jaw Jacker

Well when we bought this property we were told that the lake only freezes over once every 15 to 20 years. I’m not sure what they meant by that, but I have almost been able to get out on the ice nearly every year since moving in. Something for a few weeks and others only a couple days like this year. We had a nice cold snap, but unfortunately combined with snow which created flood ice and poor freezing conditions. After 5 days of cold weather I was able to get out for one time on the ice. It was great getting out after work because by the next day the rains started and it would no longer support me. Surprisingly the fishing action was crazy and we hooked six rainbows in a short amount of time and right into the dark. Sorry the last three fish are in the dark. I wasn’t expecting that so I didn’t prepare by bringing any lights down. The last one I finally remembered the cell phone light which helped a lot so you could see what was going on. Anyways the fish were hitting everything this day, slender spoons, a 7mm jig and atomic wax worm from Circle Tackle (www.circletackle.com), and a jig I tied.

The Jigging Jaw Jackers were Set with the 29 inch Jaw Jacker Rods. Both the stationary Jaw Jacker and Jigging wheels produced fish. Hard to do poorly with a variable line up for the fish to choose from.

Check out www.jawjackerfishing.com/ for all the Jaw Jacker and Rod supplies you’ll need to get into the Jaw Jacker action that a lot of people have been growing to enjoy across Canada and the USA. Especially great for kids who can’t sit still and hold a rod all day. You may find them out fishing you more often than not.

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God Bless your Adventure!