First Steelhead Fishing the Vedder River

I caught my first Steelhead Fishing the Vedder River this year March 2020 and it only took me about 20 minutes if you could believe it. I was using a Pink Worm by Mad River Tackle. I only fished a couple of runs quickly before I had a bobber go down. I thought I may have hit bottom, but on a subsequent cast the float disappeared and it was FISH ON!!! After a few jumps I pulled this hatchery steelhead up out of the water. I was shocked and pretty much in dismay. I was so excited I was shaking and could hardly hold the phone steady. Well this video shows that aftermath.

BONUS video though because Rod from “Fishing with Rod” was down at the river and we got together after. I just stood around and watched him fish since I had my one fish which means I no longer fish that day. Rod had several hits and findally hooked up on a great fish. I caught the action on my cellphone again as I was not expecting to video this day.

You can check out his channel at this link:

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