Float Fishing for Bream with Sweetcorn – The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

Graeme & Mike Pullen take The Totally Awesome Fishing Show to North Somerset, and test fish Burton Springs Fishery with the target species of Bream. The technique is float fishing in the margins, and you get to see their carp and trout lakes, as this is a fishery that offers Big Carp, pleasure fishing on the pole or match rod for the Bream, or even some fly fishing for Trout. Even with only half a day to make a film, the dastardly duo get among the fish, and as usual there are some useful tips for beginners or novices. Bream are a common species, and the small pleasure lake is full of them. Ideal for a bit of casual fishing, where you can afford to experiment and try out different float fishing setups. TOTALLY AWESOME!

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