Frog Fishing Tips with Seth Feider: Size and Color Guidance

Hollow body frogs are one of the most consistent topwater baits during the bass post-spawn period, but choosing the right frog for the situation has a significant impact on success. Seth Feider teaches a lesson on choosing the right frog for the job, with an emphasis on smaller-sized frogs fished on lighter rods and braided line when faced with moderate- to sparse cover or clear water.

Seth reaches for a 2-1/2 inch frog the majority of the time for the simple reason that bass of all sizes eat it — you get more bites overall without sacrificing the big eats. On top of that, a compact bait produces higher hooking percentages and deeper hooking so long as it’s equipped with a high-end hook. That said, Seth also explains when to step up to a 3-inch or larger frog.

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When it comes to color, Feider shares his 4 go-to colors depending on the forage and water clarity, with a bluegill pattern being his all-around favorite. In his opinion, hollow body frogs perform best when bass are feeding on bluegills, so he matches the food. Feider wraps it up with a discussion on why he favors shorter rods in the low 7-foot range paired with a fast reel and 30-pound braid over the more common meat sticks with 65-pound braid.

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