HOT TENT CAMPING: Cooking on Winnerwell Nomad Hot Tent Wood Stove in Luxe Hercules Hot Tent

We go on a hot tent camping trip and do some great hot tent cooking! We set up our Luxe Hercules Hot Tent and our Winnerwell Nomad Stove, which is a great hot tent wood stove. We brought our chainsaw along to help process wood. We made some Winnerwell pipe oven corn bread and some great food on top of the hot tent wood stove. I love cooking in the hot tent and sitting around of the hot tent stove.


**********Hot Tent Gear**********
Sterilite 5 Drawer Dresser:

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife:

Friskars Hatchet:

Estwing 4lb Wood Splittin Maul:

Montana Canvas Fire Proof Mat:

Sleep Mats: Exped Mega Mat LXW R Vlaue of 9.6 (-54F):

Pillows: Wise Owl Compressible Pillow:

Sleeping Bag: Browning McKinley -30F Sleeping Bag:

Winnerwell 2.5″ Double Wall Pipe:

Winnerwell 2.5″ Pipe Oven:

Winnerwell Medium Hot Water Tank:

Winnerwell 2.5″ Stove Pipe Extension

Winnerwell 2.5″ Pipe Cleaning Brush

Wood Stove: Winnerwell Nomad Size Medium

Hot Tent: Luxe Hiking Gear Hercules 8P

GSI Outdoors 10″ Frying Pan:

GSI Outdoors Percolator (6 Cup):

Cotopaxi 18L Day Pack:

**********Camera/Filming Gear**********
GoPro Hero 8:

External Microphone (Movo VXR10 Cardioid Mic )For Use with DLSR Camera/Smart Phone):

Lavalier Mic (Movo WMCI10) For Smartphone/DLSR Camera:

Tripod: Acuvar 50″ Tripod with Smartphone Mount:

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