How to build a mobile Panoptix LIVESCOPE system using a Magnet!

Garmin’s Panoptix Livescope fish finder is an awesome tool for Crappie and Panfish anglers!! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use the same unit in your boat and on fishing docks? After several attempts and a little cowboy engineering I figured out a way to do both! I hope you like the set up. I truly believe Dock anglers should have the best electronics too!

Covered in this Garmin Panoptix LIVESCOPE video –
*How I built my mobile livescope system.
*How I use livescope on docks.
*How to use livescope on boats.
*The difference between livescope transducer cones and traditional sonaf cones.
*How to walk the dock with livescope and locate fish.

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