How to Catch Big Kokanee Fishing Kalamalka Lake

Kalamalka Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes on earth and resides in the Okanagan area of British Columbia. It is known to most people for it’s spectacular coloration in the summer months, and excellent weather for plenty of swim suit days on the boat. Less know it for it’s excellent quality of fishing. Now don’t get me wrong it is not necessarily the easiest place to go and catch fish in the area but it definitely has some of the biggest fish in the area. For one the Kokanee that spawn in the stream grow the epic proportions. While the shore spawning kokanee numbers are much higher they do not impress most fishermen. Spring time is a great time to get out as the fish are closer to the surface and there isn’t much boat traffic out. Trolling will get you on the fish and your chances at a giant world record size kokanee are always a possibity. So without any further hesitation check out the video and see some beauty kokanee first on Kalamalka Lake and I explain how we catch them. Then we head over to Wood lake before loading up the boat and also catch a few nice fish. The size difference is no comparison though. I hope you enjoy this video!

During the video I mentioned the underwater kokanee videos and you can watch them at these following links:

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