How To Catch Kokanee Ice Fishing British Columbia Plus Jigging Jaw Jacker

Go Fish BC is looking at ways to enhance the freshwater fishery of British Columbia and one of them is by stocking more lakes with Kokanee. These land locked Sockeye Salmon are a lot of fun to catch, with a generous limit of 5 fish a person and taste excellent. While I have fished for them a lot in the summer months and have published numerous summer fishing videos, I have very few Ice fishing kokanee videos. In Fact this is my second one. Hopefully there will be more in the future as the kids really seemed to love the day out on the water fishing for kokanee. They are a schooling fish and when a school comes through the action be quite crazy as you will see in the video. Unfortunately two of the craziest bites I caught on camera had corrupted files and lost forever. Hope you enjoy this little video with my daughters. I love listening to them, the things they say get me smiling every time.

The Jigging Jaw Jacker was actually responsible for quite a few hits and several fish on the ice. Just didn’t make it on the video. You can see it in action for one fish at least. Amazing contraption. I’m really impressed with these rigs.

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