How to Ice Fishing for Spring Brook Trout Spoons and Hair Jigs

Ice fishing British Columbia in March on late ice for the Eastern Brook Trout. These fish feed heavily during the early ice season and at times really turn on in the late ice period as well. If you can where they are schooled up which is the hardest part late ice then you will be into some great action. So how do you locate late ice brook trout. The same way you find them early in the season. Target shallower shoal areas first to see if they are feeding in those areas. If not fish the deeper water as they may be at the lower edge of main lake drop off and rocky points. The only way to do this is to drill a lot of holes and cover water. I did just that, but I got lucky and found the fish in the first ten holes that I drilled. Once I found where the fish were I targetted the same structure along a weed edge moving from hole to hole to stay on the fish for consitently through the day. I use an active presentation like a flashy spoon with lots of aggressive movement to attract the fish in the area to come take a look. When the fish are aggressive they will take the spoon. If I can see them on the fish finder, but they are not hitting then I carry a second rod with me eiter rigged with a small tungsten jig or in this case today I tied up some natural color maribou feather jigs. It seems if they did not take the spoon they did not hesitate to crush the hair jig as it fell to the bottom. I catch a lot of fish in this video, mostly small and unfortunately did not catch all the biggest fish on camera at the end of the day. Got some great underwater shots as well. I hope this helps you out so that you are able to get into some beautiful fish as well some day! Best of luck out there.

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