ICE AGE TRAIL – Turtle Rock & Grandfather Falls – Mammoth Challenge 2021 | Wisconsin Ice Age Trail

The Warden and Lone Crow strap up their hiking shoes and head out to complete the 2021 Ice AgeTrail Mammoth Challenge. The Mammoth challenge on the Ice Age Trail is a challenge during the month of October where you have to hike 41 miles to celebrate the Ice Age Trail’s 41st birthday!

We completed the Ice Age Trail Turtle Rock Segement and the Ice Age Trail Grandfather Falls Segment to put the first 9.5 miles in our records. This portion of the Ice Age Trail follows the Wisconsin River. It was wonderful to see the beautiful fall colors and autumn scenery along the Ice Age Trail.

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**********Our Favorite Camping Gear**********
Camp Mats: Exped Mega Mat 10 LXW:

Pump Sack: Exped Schozzle (M):

Camp Pillows: Wise Owl Compressible Pillow:

Thermarest Compressible Pillow:

North Face Furnace 20F: Cooler:

Mammoth Cruiser 25:

Bathroom Shelter: King Camp Multi-Tent:

Portable Toilet: Luggable Loo:

Reliance Toilet Chemical:

Percolator: GSI Outdoors:

Hydroflask 12ox Mug:

Yeti 14oz Mug:

Cook Silverware Set: Gold Armor: Coghlan’s Camp Grill:

Chairs: Coleman Camp Chairs:

Trekology Foambed Ultra:

Klymit Mat Pump:

**********Camera and Filming Gear**********

Camera: Cannon M50 Mirrorless Camera:

Camera Microphone: Rode Video Micro:

GoPro Hero 8:

Smartphone External Microphone Rode VideoMic Me (Compact tRRS Cardidoid Mini-Shotgun Mic for smartphones:

External Smartphone Microphone 2 (Movo VXR10 Cardioid Mic )For Use with DLSR Camera/Smart Phone):

Lavalier Mic (Movo WMCI10) For Smartphone/DLSR Camera:

Tripod: Acuvar 50″ Tripod with Smartphone Mount:

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