Ice Fishing for Walleye – Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report Video 2-13-13

Welcome back to another edition of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. In this episode the Theis boys from Log Cabin Bait and Tackle let me hangout for the afternoon in their fish house in 17′ of water just off of Pine Island, and Walleye’s back on the menu!

The pink and gold Macho Minnow and the clear fish scale glowing glitter summer jig from JR’s Tackle were the hot lures this evening. The fish were not active at all, tons of lookers until about 5 PM…then the light turned on and it was game on. It’s fun to be out there when it happens and this year has been tough, but that why I live here in God’s Country! If you’re fishing off Adrian’s Road, checkout the 26-28′ foot range…I’ve heard of more Walleyes being caught in those depths than the deeper 34-36 foot range.

Have a wonderful day and thank you all for the opportunity that you’ve given me…Happy Fishing and God Bless.

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman