Ice Fishing – Lake of the Woods Ice Conditions Report 12-6-12

Welcome back to another fantastic ice fishing season on the World’s Best Hard Water Fishery, Lake of the Woods. In this addition on the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman, the Cropduster and Wiggles accompany me in the sky above Lake of the Woods for this December 5, 2012 view of the south shore of Lake of the Woods…Baudette to Warroad. We are now at the mercy of the wind, but what’s new about that (anyone who fishes Lake of the Woods in the summer will get this). We need the wind to blow back the ice to close the gap (which it’s doing right now) and then quit for a few days to have a nice cold subzero freeze (which it’s supposed to be -13 on Monday evening).

Make sure to be safe if you’re venturing out there past Pine Island (Walking and Wheelers). The Rainy River has had rumors about the Walleyes putting on the feed bag in the evenings just before dark…the night bite. I’d fish from the Airport to Wheelers Point (Walking Only with portable). This is the preseason look at what we’re expecting to be another fantastic ice fishing season in our wonderful backyard. Come share in all the fun and create fishing experiences that you’ll be exaggerating for years.

As always, Happy Fishing and God Bless!

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman