Ice Fishing – Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report Video 12-17-12

Welcome back to another edition of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. I just wanted to start this off by thanking everyone that has made this transition in my life possible. We have the ice cabins/sleepers on the big body of water and they are catching fish!

I started off in close to 18′ of water, but have settled in 25′ just off Adrian’s Road, which is about 2 miles past Pine Island. The glow colors have been working great, but with this light bite many have seen success on the plain hook with a bobber on a dead stick. I have talked with resort workers all over the lake and the bite is steady everywhere right now.

Only snowmobile, ATV and resort Tracker traffic are being allowed on the ice roads at this time. I spoke with Brian Ney with Adrian’s yesterday, and he said we need some colder weather before they will start letting full size rigs on the ice…he thought it could be a week away, but that is only speculation…pray for cold weather!

Thank you all for paying attention to these humble reports, and as always, Happy Fishing and God Bless!

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman