Jaw Jacker VS Jigging Jacker VS The Fish Doc – Ice Fishing Off The Dock

Ice fishing off the Dock turning into a comparison video upon my review between the SKILLS of the Fish Doc, The Jigging Jaw Jacker and the Jaw Jacker. Quite interesting seeing how the fish relate to the different methods especially as the light changes and fish become more aggressive. In the video you will see underwater shots where they don’t seem to interested by the stationary Jaw Jacker and then all of a sudden will just come and eat it. Where as they seem more intrigued by the slight motion from the Jigging Jaw Jacker. They come in to inspect, but often turn away if it moves just at the wrong time. Both catch fish but it is just interesting to see how one brings the fish in with interest but then commit to the other. My spoon on the other hand probably did more of the attracting than the catching. That was until the light faded and fish get more aggressive. Then they seemed more willing to take the spoon. Hope you enjoy this little video out in my backyard. It takes a lot of editing with my current set up with the external sound. I hope you find it worth while to have improved sound. This was actually last winter… I probably just had editing fatigue and forgot about it. Good news is I found it… and it is pretty good content. At least in my opinion. We shall see what everyone else thinks.

9 more days of work and then hopefully we get out to do a whole lot of ice fishing!!! Should be fun.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

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God Bless and Go Catch a Big One!