Jaw Jacker Whitefish Ice Fishing Suspended Wire Worms

Welcome back to my first Ice fishing Video of 2020, out on the ice in search of Jumbo Whitefish. I believe this was actually fishing the Last day of 2019, but will be the first of this year. Hopefully many more to come. I know this technique is catching on more all the time and has even showed up in another video before which I’ll post the link right here.


So what are we going to do? Go fishing for Whitefish with Jaw Jackers! Last video we were fishing in about 6 feet of water. This video we are fishing way out in the middle of the lake in 26 feet of water. No specific structure, just out in the middle of the basin. I am not an experienced whitefish angler by any means and anything I try has been thanks to some tips from a few guys who are a whole lot better than me at targeting them. So even though I don’t know a whole lots we went out and hung different colors of wire worms, three per line at various depths through the water column. Unfortunately where we were set up there just were not very many fish cruising through. It does seem that the odd one would come by and hit. We missed two and caught this 5 pound 2 ounce whitefish. I haven’t really weighed many whitefish, but I am pretty sure this is the biggest one I have ever caught. I wish we could have landed a few more for the video, but we will take what we get. Usually no fish equals no video.

Thanks for watching as always and I hope you have some success this ice season if you head out after whitefish. Don’t forget your Jaw Jacker at home!

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God Bless your Adventure!