KAHTOOLA MICROSPIKES WORTH THE HYPE? Microspikes Review – Kahtoola Microspikes Review – Hiking Gear

Let’s talk backpacking gear – Microspikes – that essential backpacking gear for winter backpacking. What are the best microspikes? Is there a different between microspikes for ice and microspikes for snow? How do microspikes work? What about microspikes traction when hiking? Is there different microspikes needed when you consider microspikes traction on rock vs microspikes traction on ice vs microspikes traction on snow? We will explored all of this in this microspikes review. There is one set of microspikes that can do it all very well and that’s the Kahtoola Microspikes. In this video I provide a Kahtoola Microspikes review. These are the best microspikes on ice and overall my preference for winter microspikes. Why are they the best winter microspikes and the best microspikes on ice? The kahtoola microspikes offer ideal microspikes traction on rock when backpacking over rocky terrain. kahtoola microspikes offer exceptional microspikes traction on ice, even when it’s covered by a thin layer of snow, ice on an incline or jagged ice. The kahtoola microspikes provide exceptional microspikes traction on snow, especially if it’s slushy or ice crusted. The kahtoola microspikes offer superior microspikes traction on a wide variety of surfaces. The microspikes are easy to get on and easy to take off and the Kahtoola microspikes really hold up to the test of time; I’ve had my pair of microspikes for three years now and they still continue to offer the best microspikes traction. Microspikes are needed backpacking gear for winter and good backpacking gear and hiking gear to have entering the shoulder season of hiking. Kahtoola microspikes are among my top picks for shoulder season hiking gear. The microspikes offer the best microspikes traction. Pick up the Kahtoola microspikes for snow and ice hiking boot harness microspikes today!

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