Keep Your Hands Clean with Bio Degradable Environmentally Safe Plant Based Eco Gloves #EcoGloves

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100 large gloves:
One size 12 packs of 2 gloves:

* ✔ INDIVIDUALLY PACKED, POCKETABLE & HASSLE-FREE: 24 Packets (2 gloves per Packet) come conveniently packed in small pocket-friendly packets for your on-the-go needs! Stash them in your pocket, wallet, purse or backpack for anywhere you go. Keep these gloves handy for yourself or share them with others on the go—these gloves are for everyone!
* ✔ PROTECT YOUR HANDS & THE ENVIRONMENT: With the growing plastic pandemic, we want to provide a solution to protect our planet. Made from renewable and sustainable plant-based materials, these gloves will fully compost in under 12 weeks! They comply with the U.S. standard ASTM D6400, as well as European TUV Austria for ‘OK Biobased’ and ‘OK to Compost’ EN 13432 for backyard composting. A great eco-friendly alternative to wasteful PE, latex and vinyl gloves.
* ✔ GRAB & GO SOLUTION FOR EVERY APPLICATION: These compostable anti-germ gloves can be used as protective gear for sanitary handling of public areas, grocery shopping, riding public transportation, eating meals on the go, preparing and handling of food and raw meats (Certified Food Grade), household cleaning, diaper changing, pet care (in lieu of dog poop bags or as added protection), automotive detailing, crafting, hair dyeing, gardening, handling of dirty or messy items and much more!
* ✔ EXTRA THICK, DURABLE & LEAK-PROOF: Unlike cheap and wasteful polyethylene gloves out there, Eco Gloves have extraordinary strength, stretchable durability and are puncture resistant so they won’t rip, tear or leak. Plus, they’re compostable and completely eco-friendly so you can use and toss them without guilt.
* ✔ LATEX-FREE, POWDER-FREE, BPA-FREE & HYPOALLERGENIC: Avoid allergies and be comfortable wearing these safe and easy to use compostable gloves. They’re non-toxic and non-plastic perfect for most sensitive skin types.

Keep Your Hands Clean with Bio-Degradable Environmentally Safe Plant Based Eco Gloves #EcoGloves