Kids Salmon Fishing Trip with Dad

Ucluelet, British Columbia fishing Barkley Sound with the Kids for Coho and Chinook salmon while surrounded by Humpback Whales and Huge schools of Bait. Whatever this day lacked in fish size it made up in crazy constant action and double headers. Not to mention a fabulous show from some of the largest mammals on earth, the humpback whale. For some reason the Sound was just a 100 percent changed from the prior day, so much life and the coho had moved in probably by the thousands. They were even taking spoons that were skipping along the surface. We even caught a couple nice Chinook after weeding through a lot of coho and undersized chinooks.

We limitted on Coho early on and then we dropped the gear deeper to try for Chinook. It was hard to get awar from the coho though. I even put a camera down but the water was a beautiful color on the surface but had quite limitted visibility below unfortunately. I’ll keep trying and hope we get some clear water for some great footage later on this summer.

I can’t tell you how much fun it is seeing the kids enjoy a day of fishing. I love watching them get excited to pull in a salmon. This was the first time Sierra really wanted to get on the rod and pull in some fish. Cali really surprised me getting to the rods, releasing off the rigger and getting the rod out of the holder. She’s getting quite skilled quick. I hope they keep coming out with me for a long time and get more and more into it.

Well I know this was a very long video, but I love every minute and in the end this is a piece of my life and memories for years to come. Thanks for coming along with our family on this spectacular day of fishing!

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Seeya next time and God Bless your ADVENTURE!