Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman Cast and Blast 2015

Welcome back to the next adventures of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman and Friends. We must thank everyone that has given us the opportunity to live this lifestyle, it is truly a blessing to this humble outdoorsman and his family.

This past month has been an emotional roller coster for many of my friends, whom I call family. With the loss of Keith, Cody and Huggie, many of my closest friends have been directly impacted, many you haven’t seen on Facebook or in the media. I have seen them stand strong in the face of tragedy, as I’m sure the boys would have wanted. No one will know what truly happened that fateful evening, many will speculate, but none will have the answers we all search for. I call home to the waters that have taken my friends, and will run over that spot every day every summer and think of Keith, Cody and Huggie. I know now more than ever, it is not about what you say, it’s about how you live…RIP my friends.