Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman December 2017 – Ice Fishing

Welcome back to beautiful Lake of the Woods for yet another exciting ice fishing season. We want to thank everyone that has given us the opportunity to take you fishing this season through the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman Sleeper Ice Houses. It’s b

We’ve had a fast bite to start the season, but as January progresses, so does the movement of the fish we are ultimately after. As of right now I’ve been fishing in the 24-22 foot range, but am thinking of moving out deeper to 30-32′ as we get another -25 degree arctic blast this week. The hot lures have been the Jason Mitchell Rattling Blade Spoon (Silver/Blue) and the Leech Lake Flutter Spoon (Gold/Green).

We hope you enjoy a few of our December 2017 adventures, and as always, Happy Fishing and God Bless.

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman