Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman January 2014 – Minnesota Ice Fishing

Welcome back to another edition of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. January on the Walleye Capital of the World has been amazing for this humble northern Minnesotan. Plenty of guests in the sleepers, and a few unforgettable fishing experiences are how I’ve had the pleasure of spending January. Jody delivers another brain teasing Lake of the Woods Trivia, and Walleye dinner for our family with her father one night in Four Mile Bay…life is good.

Fishing has still been fantastic for most everyone experiencing it with us this season so far. Plenty of activity out deep 34-36′ of water, we’re still finding most fish on the bottom in that 1-3″ range. Pink Glow and Gold have been the best colors the past few weeks. No preference in bait for me, but some guests love the Chubb Minnows and others swear only by the Shiner. The next few weeks we should be seeing more activity off the rocks up and down the US/Canadian line and out of Rocky Pont…sleds and portable are a must if you plan on venturing off the plowed roads.

The Rainy River is never a for sure thing, but it can sometimes give us our biggest Walleyes that last hour of the day. Locals have been perfecting their secret honey holes for years, and being able to take advantage of that local wisdom is truly a blessing. Jody and I look forward to perfecting our secret honey holes for many years to come…Lord willing.

Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoy all our adventures from our beautiful playground…Lake of the Woods.

Happy Fishing and God Bless…

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman