Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman July 2013 – Minnesota Walleye Fishing

Welcome back to another edition of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. Before I go any further, Jody and I wanted to thank each person and business that has given us so much…it truly is because of you that we have this opportunity. In this episode, Wiggles delivers another stunning South end Fishing Report and Jody delivers the trivia all so eloquently.

The Walleye, Smally and Muskies are hungry and feeding relentlessly on those fish flies and crawfish right now, but the crawlers are tasting mighty good to the Walleye especially. The jig bite is back out front in 32.5’…the rattle jigs are producing more in my boat…frozen shiner scales are thick in my boat…

Thank you for all your continued support and as always, Happy Fishing and God Bless.

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman