Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman June 2013 – Minnesota and Canadian Walleye Fishing

Welcome back to the next episode of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. Before I start, I must say thank you to all those who make this possible. In this episode you’ll witness Canadian Walleye fishing, and hear the report from the Minnesota (South side) of Lake of the Woods from our great friend and fellow Lake of the Woods Captain, Shane “Wiggles” Burk.

The past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to fish the Canadian side of Lake of the Woods from Burton Island to Deep Water Bay, while I was opening up the Big Thumb Angle Outpost on Oak Island in Minnesota’s Northwest Angle. We found Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Perch anywhere from 8 – 27′ off the rocks/gravel…It was awesome! Wiggles has been posted up on the other side of Pine Island during that same time period, and the Walleyes are snapping. Anchored and jigging from 8-24′ in the Gaps has been the most effective method. Trolling along Pine Island with number 7 plugs, and drifting with spinners have also caught fish…the method is all up to you.

Congratulations to Phil Hathaway from the Twin Cities for correctly answering last weeks Lake of the Woods Trivia question…Lake of the Islands…enjoy the hat Sir. For this weeks Lake of the Woods Trivia question, please send your responses to [email protected], and good luck!

Thank you for watching and visiting our tremendous fishery…Happy Fishing and God Bless!

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman