Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman June 2017 – Troutin with the Wife

Welcome back to another adventure with the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman on the best place in the world, Lake of the Woods. We thank you all that have given us this opportunity at this life.

Almost everyday I get a chance to take a new group of people on adventures that even I couldn’t dream of. So, when I have to come home and share the pictures with my wife and tell her all the amazing things that have happened, I sometimes see that look on her face, the one that says, I would have loved to be there.

It’s rare that I have a Saturday off, Jody just happened to be up at the Big Thumb and Jody had never been Lake Trout fishing, so I made her get up early and we headed north. By the end of the day, Jody said, “Yeah, I think I like Trout fishing, we can do this again”…I love my wife, and honey, this one is for you.

Happy Fishing and God Bless…

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman