Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman March 2014 – Monster Northern Pike

Welcome back to this March 2014 edition of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. Thank you for all whom have had the opportunity to come stay and fish with us this winter in the LOTW Outdoorsman Sleeper Ice Houses.

The cold weather the past month has kept us very busy in God’s Country, we’re almost done…this must be a praise for many. With being so busy I was only able to get out on a few adventures, which you’re going to see right now.

The next few weeks might be up in the air for Spring Rainy River fishing out of Birchdale, MN…it’s still been very cold and as of today there’s 30 inches of ice in Birchdale. The Gaps’ will start to heat up the next few weeks as we come to end of the Walleye fishing season. You might see me on a sled out in one of the Gaps’ if you find yourselves on a Lake of the Woods adventure.

Happy Fishing and God Bless…

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman