Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman Muskie 2018 – Part 6

Welcome back to another episode of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. We must say thank you to all that have made this life possible, there are to many to count and mention, we are so humbled and blessed.

The 2018 Muskie Fishing season was filled with ups and downs, catches and lost fish, but as my father always told me, “Never get to high and never get to low, because it’s never as good as it seems and it’s never as bad as it seems”…these are words I try to live by. This was my 6th full season of fishing off Oak Island on Lake of the Woods, and it’s hard to believe the things that I’ve had the honor to see and learn over those years. Over all the tragedies and triumphs the most important thing has been the friendships with those who we share the boat with…that keeps this French Voyager forever casting.

Thank you again for your support…Happy Fishing and God Bless.

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman