Mark Bergs Fishing Addiction – Season 1 Episode 4 – Cape York, QLD

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Fishing is the number one recreation sport in Australia. There are thousands of fisherman out there that can only dream of travelling to remote destinations in search of that fish of a lifetime. Mark Berg brings those dreams to life and more.

Fishing Addiction surprises fisherman around the country with amazing fishing adventures. They may be at work, home or even in their local tackle store when the fishing addiction team comes knocking. On the spot they are put on a plane and the adventure begins!

Each winner that comes on the show is given a different challenge that could win them $10,000 – worth of fishing and boating gear. It may be a line class challenge, a certain number of species or a species of a certain size.

Regardless of the challenge, the trips are to some of the best fishing locations in Australia and are guaranteed to never be forgotten.

Episode 4 – Cape York, QLD

The trip continues for Mark and Daniel in far north Queensland as they chase the schooling long tail tuna that flock to the area. Daniel’s challenge to capture the 7kg fish is tough with 30knott winds and very few tuna in sight. Luckily, patience finally pays off when they find huge schools of mackerel tuna in a feeding frenzy.