Minnesota Ice Fishing – Lake of the Woods Fishing Report Video 3-15-13

Welcome back to another edition of the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. In this episode, I have the pleasure of showing you a few of the last guests of the year and discuss the hot spots for the last few weeks of ice fishing on Lake of the Woods. Thank you to everyone that has watched and promoted these humble fishing reports…it is because of you that I have this opportunity and that never will be forgotten.

It was -10 this morning and we could hit -25 with the windchill tomorrow morning…what this means is we’ll be ice fishing out there for the next few weeks for sure. There are still plenty of resorts taking people ice fishing and for now the roads are all open. I will be running portable ice fishing trips for the rest of the hard water season, my sleepers are off the lake.

If you’re coming up and only have a vehicle with a wheel house or portable, call Adrian’s Resort! The word on the street is that they are absolutely crushing fish at the end of their east road, which runs towards Knight Island out in the mud. If you have a sled and portable, then hit the rock piles up and down the US/Canadian line, Long Point and Rocky Point…stick to the deep water around the rock during the day and then move onto the rock later during the day. When 4 PM hits I’d work your way back into the Gaps and along Pine Island. It hasn’t been a sure thing every night, but when it’s on, IT’S ON!

If you’re looking at the open water/Rainy River Walleye and Sturgeon fishing and want to have the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman show you the way this spring, please contact Janelle Fish for all reservations at (218) 280-1674.

Thank you all again for making my first year of business on my own, one to remember…Happy Fishing and God Bless!

Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman