NanoTips – Preview and Testing

Today we are previewing and testing out NanoTips.
Will it be a hit or will it be a miss?
Watch and See….

Living here in the mountains of NC we receive a lot of rain in the summer months and a lot of snow, sleet and ice during the winter months. Being involved with the outdoors like I am, for most of the year I am wearing gloves of some sort. Of course with the world being as connected and technological, that means we have smart phones and tablets.

As you know from experience most gloves lack the ability to interact with your smartphone and this product claims to change that.

Using a conductive polyamide liquid solution, this product aims to add touchscreen capabilities to any pair of gloves.


Shake, Apply, and Dry.
MUST soak through the fabric of the gloves.

– Up to 15 treatments per bottle
– Waterproof
– Reapplication – 2-4 weeks
BLUE for fabric and fleece: 90% transparency, 10% bluish tint

– Up to 30 treatments per bottle
– Waterproof
– Reapplication – 2-4 weeks
BLACK for leather, rubber, gore-tex, etc

In this video I use two paris of gloves. Thick wool gloves from Mammut and faux leather gloves …very used… from Marmot. These are my favorite gloves and I continue to use them to this day.

The product claims to work with any gloves…

The solution uses conductive nanoparticles to mimic the electrical conductivity of human skin, just like a normal touchscreen glove. The creator claims the solution will work on any material, from pricey leather to canvas gloves, for construction, golfing, cycling, skiing and snowboarding.

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