**NEW** Fire Hiking Budget Hot Tent | Best Hot Tents 2021 | Hot Tent Shelters Best Teepee Hot Tent

Introducing the Fire Hiking budget hot tent. The Fire Hiking tepee hot tent is a lightweight hot tent and at the time of filming is the cheapest hot tent on Amazon. This is a new hot tent design for 2021 and this cheap hot tent really delivers. This hot tent is among the best hot tents 2021 has seen so far, especially at its price point.

The Fire Hiking hot tent is one of the best hot tents because of it’s durable fabric, excellent quality stove jack and ease of set up. This is a waterproof hot tent with 3000mm hydrostatic head rating and 66D polyurethane fabric. This hot tent is the ideal buschcraft hot tent and even makes a great backpacking hot tent. In terms of hot tent shelters, it is among one of the best hot tent shelters I have tried in it’s size category.

One of the reasons the Fire Hiking hot tent is the best teepee hot tent of 2021 is due to its price. At time of filming this hot tent was a budget hot tent, costing less than $100 and coming complete with an aramid stove jack. This is one of the best hot tents for hot tent winter camping due to it’s portability and ability to accommodate two persons plus a wood stove with plenty of room to store extra wood and bushcrafting gear near the door entryway of the teepee hot tent.

The Fire Hiking Hot tent teepee can be pitched in about 5 minutes, using a center pole as it’s main support. The tipi hot tent comes with 13 aluminum tent stakes and 6 guy ropes which are required to ensure a proper hot tent pitch when using a hot tent stove. The tepee hot tent features a single vent above the door with metal supports and plastic ribs to keep it open during heavy rain and snow.

The Fire Hiking hot tent is a durable hot tent shelter and one of the best budget hot tent shelters on the market. Whether you are using this hot tent for hot tent winter camping, winter backpacking or hot tent bushcraft adventures you will be happy to own one of the best hot tents 2021.

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