New Fishing Gloves For Cold Weather from Fish Monkey Gloves From ICast 2020 #FishMonkeyGear

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FM18 Stubby Guide Glove Bass
It’s a half finger guide glove with shortened fingers and shortened wrist. The Stubby is a natural on the water especially for those who want the protection but not the bulk. Use them for poling the boat, casting, releasing fish and more, thanks to the “second skin fit” and quick-drying breathable fabric. NEW COLOR AVAILABLE FOR SPRING 2021: BASS Sizes: S-2XL

FM38 Stealth Dry-Tec Waterproof Insulated Glove, Fish Monkey Fishing Gloves
The Stealth Dry-Tec features the latest in waterproof and water shed technology, providing a 100% waterproof construction to keep your hands bone dry while the exterior sheds water keeping the glove feather light. We added 40g ThinsulateTM Insulation, just enough to “cut the cold” but keeping the glove thin enough for exceptional feel and dexterity. NEW FOR FALL/WINTER 2020

FM50 The Blocker Neoprene Glove, Fish Monkey Fishing Gloves
2mm Thin Neoprene allows for enhanced Feel and Dexterity while providing a warm and dry environment for your hands. Perfect for those chilly, windy, damp days when our heavier glove is too much. NEW FOR FALL/WINTER 2020

Providing the most complete line of Premium Fishing Gloves: Bass, Freshwater, Saltwater Inshore, Bluewater, Ice Fishing and Kayak. Over 25 styles to suit any angling situation. UPF 50 Sun Protection, Second-Skin Fit and Hand Protection from cuts and scrapes are just a few of the features that make Fish Monkey the most requested fishing glove in the industry.