PASS or FAIL? Stanley Adventure All In One French Press Review

I love camping coffee and have been using a percolator to make camp coffee. I decided to try the Stanley French Press, specifically the Stanley Adventure All In One French Press to find out if this stainless steel french press makes good french press coffee. I’m hopeful the Stanley adventure all in one french press will make great french press camping coffee!

French press coffee is similar to cowboy coffee in that both methods use corse grounds coffee grounds. The Stanley stainless steel french press can be used with corse ground coffee to make great camp coffee on either a fire or a stove.

The stanley adventure all-in-one boil + brew french press is a very easy coffee system to use while camping. The stanley boil & brew french press requires you to heat water to a boiling point with grounds then just leave it be for a few minutes for outstanding camping french brew coffee. So far, I really enjoy the Stanley adventure french press coffee maker.

The Stanley camping french press is my preferred method of making camping coffee because you do not need to continously use fuel to heat the Stanley adventure all-in-one boil + brew french press. Once the water and grounds come to a boil, remove it from the stove and let is steep for 4 to 5x minutes. This saves of lot of fuel when camping.

As far as being lightweight, the lightweight stanley french press weighs 15oz, which is portable for canoe trips, ATV camping, car camping and for boating. The lightweight stanley french press, is not lightweight enough for backpacking, and as such I would not recommend it be used as such. The Stanley adventure all in one french press is best used for camping when weight is not a consideration.

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