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Permethrin is the best insect repellent. It is a tick repellent for humans you can spray on your clothing and gear. The Sawyer Permethric application process is easy and lasts for 42 days. How to use permethrin? I show you how to use permethrin spray to treat your clothing for tick control, chigger control and mosquito repellent. Many people ask is it safe to use permethrin and yes, permethrin spray is safe once dry on clothing and gear items. You should watch a video tutorial of how to use permethrin spray safely prior to attempting the permethrin application process. Sawyer permenthrin insect repellent is an effect method to treat clothing and gear items in order for it to act as a permethrin insect repellent. It is good against ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes. Permethrin spray should not be applied directly to the skin. Do not complete permethrin spray application indoors or around animals and/or pets. Permethrin is among most effective tick repellent for humans and one of the longest acting best mosquito repellent for camping. If you are wondering how to apply permethrin to clothes, this video will demonstration how to apply permethrin to clothing safely and effective for best insect repellent coverage. Ticks can carry disease, such as lyme disease and Rockie Mountain fever, Sawyer permethrin is one additional step you can take while camping, backpacking or hiking to protect yourself from tick bites. It is the best tick control spray I have encountered and arguably the best insect repellent available on the market.

We also explore Insect Shield clothing, which is permethrin pre-treated insect repelling clothing designed for the outdoors. Insect shield also offers a services where you can send you own clothing items into Insect Shield in order to have them treated. Insect Shield offers single item permethrin treatment as well as bundle packages for multiple permethrin treated clothing items. Insect shield also offers a number of pet products which have been safely treated with permethrin including Insect Shield dog shirts, Insect Shield pet blankets and Insect Shield pet neck gaiters. Check out Insect Shield clothing for more details. Insect Shield link below:

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