RAZR Scout And SYNTHETIC ULTRA Ice Augers For Brushless Drills in 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″ Sizes

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RAZR Scout And SYNTHETIC ULTRA Ice Augers For Brushless Drills in 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″ Sizes
The RAZR Synthetic Ultra offers a 33% weight reduction compared to steel ice augers. They are lightweight, extremely fast, and can be operated by either a 18v+ Brushless Electric Drill or a Lithium Ice Auger Power Head. Every Synthetic Ultra unit is built upon our durable steel blade carriage equipped with RAZR Pro Curved Blades and Center Point to keep your drilling steady, efficient and lightning fast. These units come with 40” of flighting allowing ice anglers to drill through 36” of ice without optional extensions. Included in the packaging is the Ultra Drill Adapter which connects the ice auger directly to your brushless drill with a 1/2” chuck. Backed by industry-leading 3-Year Warranty.

The RAZR Scout™ Ice Auger is built tough for your brushless drill. Everything needed to attach this auger to your brushless drill is included in the box. Each RAZR Scout is equipped with efficient, smooth-cut curved blades and a center point to keep you steady when drilling. Built for full-season use in up to 36″ of ice, the Scout also is adjustable from 31″ to 43″ in length to accommodate different angler height and varying ice thickness throughout a full ice fishing season. Available in sizes 4″,5″6″,7″ and 8″ drill sizes.

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