Ripple Cicada Flick Prawn Heavy and Love Bugs fro Chasebaits from iCast 2020 #ChaseBaitUSA

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Ripple Cicada by Chasebaits
The 1.75″ Ripple Cicada weighs 1/5oz and is a soft hollow-bodied crawling top water lure available in 7 unique color patterns. The rippled body, with UV enhancements, produce wave motion action in the water that fish see and feel with their lateral lines. The naturally realistic head includes antennae and prominent “strike-point” eyes. The clear wings have proprietary glitter-flash UV enhancements and skeletal outlines for increased visibility and realism.

Flip Flops by Chasebaits, Chasebaits
Following the success of Chasebaits original mesmerizing hood wings design, we have now developed the Flip Flop for freshwater fishing excitement. This extremely realistic creature bait is 4.25″ in length and packed with a variety of life-like creature features including rolling hood wings, splittable beaver-style tail for whip, glide and flicker. Each Flip Flop lure has extra salt added into the belly for balance and buoyancy. Features include antennae, eyes and unique insect body ripples.

Flick Prawn Heavy by Chasebaits, Chasebaits
Hand sculptured from the body of an actual prawn; the Flick Prawn Heavy is the most realistic looking shrimp-style bait on the market today. The Flick Prawn Heavy was designed to mimic the exact movement and action of real prawns in their natural environment. Body design includes eyes, antennae, four pairs of walking legs, five pairs of swimmerets and a unique double jointed uropod tail that entices an immediate strike response from all manner of saltwater gamefish. Available in 3.7″ & 4.9″.

Love Bugs by Chasebaits, Chasebaits
Chasebaits New Love Bugs are here! This action packed Crawfish style creature bait is 4″ in length and stacked with a variety of life-like creature features including our proprietary rolling hood wings, inverted Rapid-Vibe crazy claws, segmented antennae, eyes, and unique insect body ripples. Since Crawfish are key forage item for all Bass species, the Love Bug has been designed to get maximum fish attention as quick as possible with our rapid-vibing claws.

Chasebaits is rapidly making its mark as a global innovator in fishing lure design and technology. Incorporating an exciting range of soft and hard lures, which have been “Inspired by the Chase”. It is the attention to detail and intense design process of every lure that sets Chasebaits apart from the rest. Chasebaits… high performance fishing lures for the world’s most enthusiastic fisherman.

Ripple Cicada Flick Prawn Heavy and Love Bugs fro Chasebaits from iCast 2020 #ChaseBaitUSA