Roadside Minnows NEW FOR 2019/20 Perch Eye Panfish Plastics

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~ NEW PRODUCT FOR 2019-2020 ~


Simply the best panfish plastic you will ever tip your jig with!!!

A bait whose results speak for themselves, this incredible Perch’s Eye will turn even your dog days of fishing into a successful day spent at the water. Realistic to the touch and featuring truly natural color details, this remarkable bait is a true game changer when it comes to heightening your ability to catch fish efficiently.

• Designed with a realistic eye ball circumference of one-quarter inch for a lifelike look.
• Slightly scented to attract fish from far and wide to your hook.
• The total bait length including the entrails is sized at ¾ of an inch.
RM TIP: Use a small dab of superglue and apply to the hook of your favorite tungsten jig before applying plastic baits. This will not only allow for better presentation but will keep your bait securely attached for several more hook ups!

Roadside Minnows NEW FOR 2019/20 Perch Eye Panfish Plastics