Spinnerbait Tips for Prespawn Bass in Bullrushes

Bulrushes, pencil reeds, tulles, whatever you call them, prespawn bass flock to this emergent vegetation type in the spring months in pursuit of warmer water and good cover. Wired2fish staffer, McKeon Roberts, starts fishing reed beds when water temperatures reach the low 50-degree range and explains the power of a spinnerbait for finding and triggering scattered prespawn bass.

-Terminator Super Stainless Spinnerbait, Double Willow: https://wired2.fish/SuperStainlesSpinnerbait-DoubleWillow
-Shimano Chronarch 150G Casting Reel, 6.2:1: https://wired2.fish/Chronarch150G
-Dobyns Champion XP Split Grip Casting Rod, 7′ Heavy: https://wired2.fish/ChampionXP-SplitGripCastingRod
-Power Pro Spectra Braided Line, 30lb Test: https://wired2.fish/SpectraMossGreen
-Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor: https://wired2.fish/MinnKotaTalon
-Lund Boats 1875 Renegade: https://wired2.fish/Lund1875Renegade

A spinnerbait is McKeon’s go-to because of its ability to plow through tough bulrush stems without snagging while having the versatility to be fished fast or slow. Roberts relies on the naked eye to find lanes and pockets in the reeds, which create distinct edges and ambush points for bass. He casts beyond these areas then slows his retrieve speed to keep the bait in the strike zone longer.

Roberts favors a reel in the 6.2:1 gear ratio range and paired with a 30-pound braided line. The medium-speed reel helps you slow down and provides winching power for horsing big bass from the woody cover while the braid delivers much-needed abrasion resistance.

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