Stillwater Fly “Fishing with Rod” – Balanced Micro Leeches

Stillwater flyfishing February 14th in Canada is not the most comon thing you get to see or do around here. Most lakes in Canada are still covered with a thick layer of ice. Here we are lucky enough to have open water for the majority of the year. The fish seem to be quite actively feeding as well during the open water winter months. It is a great combination. I think after filling Rod’s inbox up with pictures of backyard trout this spring he had a hard time saying no to and invitation to hit the soft water one afternoon. We grabbed the fly rods, indicators and some leech pattern flies which the trout really seemed to be keying in on. Had a great afternoon on the water and caught a bunch of great fish, even a few double headers.

Check out the video and when you’re done head on over to “Fishing with Rod” when he has a huge library of videos fishing in British Columbia and beyond. I really have learned a lot from his videos over the years and felt like I knew him before ever moving to BC. Fortunately I get the opportunity to drift a float or drag a fly once in a while with him.

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