Sure Step Fold Down Extra Step For Ice Castles and other Wheel Houses

re Step” was created in South Dakota by Andrew Full. The Sure Step adds safe footing
while exiting your fish house as well as easier access into your house when it is raised up.
I also incorporated a locking mechanism for securing the door.

Step Information:
-Step is 36X16
-The step itself and brackets are made out of steel for durability.
-They are sand blasted and powder coated.

Will It Fit Your House:
Sure Step will fit on many brands of houses with a tube frame. (Ice Castle, Fire Brand, Glacier, Salem Ice Cabin, Performance Engineering)
We are unable to mount to Yetti and Ice Cave.
If you have any questions on If It Will Fit, you can always send an e-mail or send a message on our facebook page @SureStepSD.
-Step installation is very easy. In the package there will be a piece of steel with 4 holes, hold it flush with the bottom of the frame.
Check on the back side of the tube to make sure you will not drill into a cross member. It may not be centered on the door.
-Mark the holes and drill them out so the 1/2″ bolts fit.(1/2″ or 17/32″ drill bit) After drilling the holes,
put a ring of silicone around each hole on the front and the back of tube. This will help with moisture getting into the tube.
-Loosely bolt the brackets to the fish house frame. Then mount your Sure Step to the brackets.
Once your step is tight to the brackets, tighten the brackets to the fish house frame. You may have to adjust your step hardware so the step moves smoothly.